Karmakee Farm Goat Milk Soap

New Soaps will be added soon! I'm sorry there nothing in the storefront but i have lots of new scents curing right now! Please check FB for updates.

Dear Friends,

It took 15 years to perfect the soap recipe that we now use in every bar.  Each 5 lb batch of soap consists of almost 25% goat milk- Our gals are loving, and so Sweet. They will run to anyone!

We also make a heavy duty day or night balm, and a neem oil based night or day balm for psoriasis and other skin conditions. Also a thick yummy body butter. Scent will vary on the body butters. The 2 balms have no added scent, the "Day Balm" has tea tree and peppermint oil, the "Night Balm" has those as well to cover the scent of the neem oil, which is very good for all skin types but has a smell that most do not appreciate! Our face masks are made with  goat milk yougurt that we make fresh at least once a week in the summer! It does include a preservative that is paraben and formaldehyde free. 

We have great success with all of our products and have many wonderful stories from our customers.  You can read some of those stories below!

Please email or call with any questions you may have-You can also visit our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/KarmakeeFarm/

Customer Testimonials

-You have literally cured us of eczema! customer name withheld

-Wonderful! I love the honey oatmeal face mask! Normally I can't do face masks but I tried it tonight and so far so good! Ashley T

-Ulen lady makes lotion and soap with goats milk. I work in a deli and I am washing dishes and/or my hands all day. I got very good results with this lotion in just 2-3 days. No alcohol, no water. I love it. Debra J

-I just wanted to tell you I have been using soap and the lotion for a week now and LOVE IT! It has really helped my chronic dry skin. I also have psoriasis on the palm of my hands and bottom of my feet. Do you make a stronger creme that could help with that? Sanel B.

-I bought some of your lotion at the Fargo Winter Blues Fest. Have used it the past few days. Just once a day. Amazing. I work in a deli. I'm washing dishes and/or my hands all day. I got VERY fast results on my skin and my nails. Better than anything I have tried before. Debra J

-Bridget & goats,
I'd like to thank you for the wonderful products you make. Within the past year I developed a rash on my chin that seemed impossible to rid myself of. Right before deciding to seek dermatological assistance I was gifted a mocha mint bar of goat soap & started washing my face with it twice a day. I saw improvement almost immediately.
While talking to my mom about my new found love for this soap she offered her bottle of your goat face lotion, which I've now been applying to my face twice a day as well. (My face has never been so soft!)
Unsure of what to expect I was blown away! Not only had the severe dryness & flakey skin nearly rid itself, but the redness is nearly gone as well!
I couldn't be more appreciative & cannot wait to come play with the goat babies this spring! Deborah H.

-I love your soap! I've used up one 6-oz. bar already and everyone I've given the soap to has loved it. I'll be wrapping 8 more bars today for gifts this weekend. I just discovered you make lotion too, will have to try that on my next order. My aunt in MT (the Goat Lady) gave your information to her neighbor so you may be hearing from a MT customer soon. Rose F

-I need more soap! I bought some at Concordia and I am hooked! Heather B.

-I stopped using all of my so called high class uppity cleansers and now use ONLY my "goat soap". I am 47 yrs old and am constantly being told I look like I am 25 because of my skin. Praise to the goats who give the milk and to Bridget for crafting the soap! Penny L.

-I use the soap daily in the shower and it leaves my skin so soft and smelling fresh! The lotion is also amazing especially with our harsh, dry winters. Cory W.

-The soap is the very best because it contains more healing goat milk then any other kind I can find. Since your face skin can absorb 60% of the nutrients why are you putting harsh chemicals that go straight to your bloodstream on your face? Noreen T.

-Mocha Mint is so divine, as is Lemon Ginger. You will want to EAT them, but don't, they're soap, and they will not taste as good as they smell. It is much nicer to simply USE THEM every day! (they also make a great alternative to commercial shampoo!) Mandy D.

-I love the goat milk soap from Karmakee Farm! I have bought it to give as gifts and all my family and friends loved it, too! It's so gentle and smells just heavenly! My favorite is the one that smells like lilac! Cheryl B.

-Not only do these soaps make my skin feel great, they smell wonderful and last a long time. Theresa S.

-Who knew buying soap could be such an exciting experience! Every time I put in my order I feel
Like a kid in a candy store! The fragrances are fantastic and the benefits are wonderful. I refuse to use any other soap. The folks at Karmakee Farm are brilliant! Amanda K.

-I Purchased goat milk soap to help with my son's eczema and it helped tremendously. Love using it because it's so gentle on baby's sensitive skin Jasmina F.

-I love your soap! i think it was a lavander one I liked so well, smells amazing! Amy N.