Karmakee Farm Goat Milk Soap

Mtn Lodge BI Zhphire

My snuggle girl. Her and her sister are total loves, the only ones that will withstand my prolonged hugs!


Mtn Lodge BI Zhora

I love this Girl!!!! She is such a love as is her twin sister Zhphire.


Karmakee Farm Eulas Love Shock

aka Miss Priss-Eulas 2nd kid of 2016-sneaky girl let the buck out ! http://www.adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=L001815859

Karmakee Farm HereYahGo Maddio

Eula's first kid of 2016-she is going to be a favorite! 


RB Farms Davina Rock On

 I saw her and had to have her!!! I love this girls beautiful head and her length and width. Cannot wait to see her mature!


EndlessSerenity Youre So Vain

AKA Vanity. One of the best wedding gifts EVER! She puts milk in the bucket and has a lovely personality!


Raven's Haven Paradise City

AKA Eula. My favorite. She has a beautiful udder with long teats & huge orifices. I hope her two 2016 daughters carry on that tradition.


EndlessSerenity Itsa Heartache 

AKA Hearty. The second part of the best wedding gift ever! I saw her a youngster and wanted her so badly! She was retained by her breeder but as a huge surprise she was gifted to me as a wedding gift with Vanity! Some people really get me ;)


Ravens Haven Z Kadence 

AKA Kate. ahh she was a troublemaker when she came to me. Kicked like a mule when I tried to milk her, nasty disposition & just a problem!!! It took a lot of training & patience, along with a permanently injured thumb, & now she is a dear that milks like mad!


Open Prairie Ice Tea

AKA Mae. Great milker & kidder. She is her own girl , no hugs & like to be one her own. She throws super nice kids!She is the tan in the back


SG Fir Meadow ALP Cardamom aka Ardy


Thank you Sherwin at Mountain Lodge Farm for letting me take this beauty home!

Ardy is bred to Kastdemur's Chaucer *B--i am super excited for these kids!!! Update Ardy kidded one buck kid.